Information has been spread primarily through media being broadcast into the homes of Americans for decades through television. The information we gather from television is the topic of our conversation. The characters we meet become our friends and our enemies. The news, our entertainment, the idolization of our heros, the demonization of our villains, what informs our opinions, our knowledge of what happens in the world is communicated through a flickering picture on a screen in extreme profusion. The commercials prime and drive our consumption in excess.
This influx of information overwhelms and subdues its audience, adulterating them into the next episode, story, whatever comes after this series of "messages" from their "sponsors." The stories are the same, tragic news, politics, feel good stories, the ever-elusive accurate weather report. Through combining a select amount of individually captured frames, ideas are abstracted as a result of the overabundance of imagery. Within these works we must look at how television influences our culture, but how it has evolved into a culture on its own.
Each is a Digital Inkjet Print, dimensions vary.