This is a body of photogenic drawings on silver gelatin paper that are developed by daylight. These are not photographic snapshots for the purpose of memory. They are impressions of memories that are exposed and developed out over time, a few hours or days. A photograph can display the false realities in an instant of time, whereas time gives the benefit of retrospect. Each piece becomes a document, an abstract memoir of past events. The image is a combination of the shadow created during the photogram exposure along with the chemistry of the object as it rests on the silver gelatin surface, just as the memory is stained by what we feel and see, yet is still affected by what we do not.

The image is drawn using chemical reactions in the photographic paper, but it is then scanned, transcending the impression from a physical object into the digital realm, transmuting it into an idea, a memory. The piece is cropped and enlarged, becoming exaggerated in its reproduction. The individual narratives to each piece are often hidden or abstracted from the viewer, enabling them to inhabit their own narratives into the work, their own memories and ideas.

Each is a Digital Inkjet Print, dimensions vary.